Who we are > A whole system approach

From our shortest workshops to our years-long business partnerships, all our work is based in an approach that understands and supports your whole system

Nothing that affects your staff exists in isolation, and interventions that are too narrowly-targeted can often move an issue elsewhere. Our services understand and respond to the web of factors that might be causing difficulties, creating sustainable improvements that improve the system as a whole.

“The approach the team take to give a holistic view, has had significant benefits in our understanding of where we are doing well and where we need to improve at different levels across our organisation.

The guidance they can offer on best practice, as NHS professionals with a range of expertise, is invaluable and ensures that we’re doing the right things at the right times.”

Dr Liam Payne, Research Manager, Radioactive Waste Management

Our training courses don’t only focus on how individual mental health difficulties present themselves, or how individual staff members might be supported. That’s important, but it won’t be effective in isolation. We want to help you to look at organisational policy, how teams work together and at how your senior leadership team models and promotes mental health in the workplace.