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Length: 4 – 6 hours according to your needs (and additional desk-based research)
Online or in-person
Individual/group identified by you as key decision makers in this area

Are you an organisation that wants to create a mental health and wellbeing policy tailored to the needs of your workforce? With the increased focus on wellbeing in the workplace, we will support you with the process of developing and integrating a tailored wellbeing at work policy. This would include a flexible consultation process to better understand your priorities and offer advice on developing your policy.

Length:  1 or 1.5 hours at agreed intervals
Online or in-person
Individuals, teams, groups, senior leadership teams

Creating and sustaining a culture that supports organisational mental health requires commitment and action at all levels of your organisation. We can work with individuals, pairs and teams to support the development of working relationships that encourage psychological health as an ordinary part of your organisational culture. Consultation can be useful either to tackle a specific and current issue, or as a way to promote a more reflective workplace that will strengthen mental health.


Length: 1 day
Where: Online or in-person
For: Individuals and groups

We know that change can be unsettling, but it is also a necessary and often creative opportunity for organisations. The pandemic has accelerated and magnified the scale and pace of change for many workplaces, and a mentally healthy workplace is better able to manage and grow through change. These workshops can help leaders at all levels to focus on the particular needs of your organisation and identify ways to approach change with mental health at the forefront.

Length: Half a day
Where: Online or in person
For: Groups

All workplaces bring together individuals with rich skills, experiences and stories. But ‘silo working’ often means that some experiences aren’t seen, heard or even imagined. We don’t easily share the stories that relate to aspects of life that are more challenging, like mental health and wellbeing. A form of narrative therapy, the Tree of Life model of working provides a structure for groups to listen to, reflect on and learn from each others’ stories as part of building a psychologically healthy organisational culture.   

This workshop can also be delivered in conjunction with one of the Tavistock and Portman’s Digital Academy online short courses, ‘Maintaining hope in uncertain times’.