What we offer > Assess, design and deliver

We will work with you to assess your organisation’s state of health, design what you can do to support your staff and deliver a range of services that support greater openness, decrease the impact of stigma and improve performance

Drawing on a track record of research and pioneering therapeutic approaches, we have developed a whole business partnership approach to workplace wellbeing. Whether your organisation is only just starting to think about mental health in the workplace, or you are already working hard to create a healthier, more effective and inclusive working environment, our approach will provide:

  • Support in developing a mental health and wellbeing policy for your organisation
  • Workplace mental health training for staff and managers from expert specialist mental health professionals


Using our ‘whole system’ approach, based on clinical and organisational work with individuals, families and businesses, we will provide an assessment of the mental health of your team, organisation or business. We use a range of methods to get a picture, not just of individual attitudes and experiences of mental health, but of how your organisation’s culture and systems are influencing mental wellbeing.


Our assessment reports, aligned to the HSE Management Standards, will identify where your organisation is doing well in terms of mental health and where you may need support. We have a range of interventions aimed at improving organisational and individual mental health, and can help you to design a relevant programme of interventions including training and mental health consultancy. We will design a programme that will be relevant to the specific needs of your organisation and the themes emerging from the specialist assessment.


Our delivery team is drawn from clinicians and trainers with specialist experience in clinical and consultancy services at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, and as educators involved with the wide range of Tavistock and Portman programmes. Add | Wellbeing interventions are developed and delivered by the team, and can either be part of a programme of work we discuss and design with you, or you can choose from our menu of interventions.