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Support for staff in challenging environments

We worked with a social enterprise SME in the care sector during the first wave of the pandemic. The senior leadership team (SLT) was facing a huge challenge in supporting the mental health of their staff  in a very challenging environment. In discussion with the CEO, we worked with the whole of the SLT, in pairs or as individuals, to provide 4-6 consultation sessions aimed at providing support to recognise and respond to the potentially traumatising experiences to which everyone in the organisation was being exposed. We also agreed to provide broad overall feedback on the issues that had arisen, without breaching confidentiality, and this feedback helped the CEO to make some key decisions about policy in relation to sickness and to risk.

Providing regular contact and support with employees

One of our ‘Gold’ clients, an SME in the arts education field,  had been working with us for only a few months before the pandemic struck. During that period, while waiting to undertake the assessment, we provided trauma-informed consultation to the senior leadership team and regular ‘Covid Resource Packs’ that included podcasts and specially gathered resources on mental health and wellbeing based on a pulse survey we sent out regularly to hear what was on peoples’ minds and how they were feeling.

Supporting a client through change

We worked with a science and research organisation that has an ambitious mental health and wellbeing programme for its employees. As a ‘Gold’ client, they have had a comprehensive assessment of organisational mental health and are due for their annual ‘refresher’ – but during the year we have been working together to plan interventions that will support wellbeing based on our relationship with the business as it goes through changes. Ranging from clinical supervision for the team of Mental Health First Aiders to training for line managers that emphasises the importance of working relationships in mental health, we have co-designed what the business needs through ongoing discussion.